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Upcoming Event: “Walker” with filmmaker Alex Cox 

Please join the Latin American Studies Center for an evening with Alex Cox discussing his film, “Walker.” The screening and Question and Answer session will take place on April 9th from 5pm in ATLAS room 100. 

About the film:

William Walker was an American soldier of fortune who in 1853 tried to annex part of Mexico to the United States.  He failed, though his invasion contributed to the climate of paranoia and violence which led to Mexico surrendering large areas of territory shortly thereafter.  Two years later he invaded Nicaragua, ostensibly in support of one of the factions in a civil war.  But his real intention was to take over the country and annex it to the U.S.  He betrayed his allies and succeeded in making himself President.  He ran Nicaragua, or attempted to run it, for two years.  In the U.S. he had been an anti-slavery liberal, but in Nicaragua he abandoned all his liberal pretensions and attempted to institute slavery.  He was kicked out of Central America by the combined armies of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Walker tried to go back twice and was eventually caught by the Hondurans and executed.  He is relatively unknown today, but in his day he was fantastically popular in the United States.  The newspapers wrote more about Walker than they did about Presidents Pierce or Buchanan.



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