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2013-2014 LASC Research Clusters

The 2013-2014 LASC Research Clusters include:

  • The Brazil Research Cluster: Convening for the second year, the Brazil Research cluster includes faculty from multiple departments—Dr. Colleen Scanlan Lyons (3CG), Prof. Tania Martuscelli (PORT), Prof. David Brown (PSCI), and Prof. Donna Goldstein (ANTH).  One of the primary goals for this working group is to develop the Brazil-US Network for the Environment, Society and Governance, a multi-university forum that seeks to foster collaborative research possibilities with Brazilian partners.  The group is working this year to develop a website linking the founding institutions of the Brazil-US Network, to produce an edited volume comprised of approximately two articles from each founding member institution (12 articles all total), and to hold a three-day workshop in São Luis, Maranhão in June 2013 to discuss specific themes of the network, develop a collaborative research agenda, and transform this agenda into one or more long-term funding proposals.
  • The Graduate Student Research Cluster: This ongoing research cluster draws together graduate students doing research on Latin America from several different departments.  Participants, nominated by a faculty member, review each others’ research articles and grant proposals.  The group also collaborates on events related to research on Latin America.
  • The Gender, Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster:  This faculty working group reviews members’ works-in-progress.  Members include CU-Boulder faculty members Jenn Bair, Joe Bryan, Fernando Riosmena, Kaifa Roland, Christina Sue, and Lorraine Bayard de Volo.
  • The LASC-ALF Working Group: This interdisciplinary group is working with the Americas for the Arts to realize the 2013 Americas Latino Festival.  The Festival, which will be held in September 2013 on the CU-Boulder campus, aims to bring in over 75 speakers in the areas of human rights and justice, conservation, science, literature, music, visual arts, and film to promote Pan-American consciousness and cross cultural understanding.


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