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Steering Committee

Goldstein, Donna
Title/Department: Director, Latin American Studies Center; Associate Professor, Anthropology
Geographic Research Area: Brazil, Argentina, Southern Cone
Research/Teaching Focus: Research: Pharmaceutical Politics, Science Studies, Cold War, Nuclear Energy, Health, Environment, and Toxicity, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Crime and Violence in Latin America. Teaching: Political Economy and Power, Critical Medical Anthropology, The Anthropology of Latin America, Race, Class, and Gender in Brazil, Southern Cone Dictatorships, Latin American Films
Website: http://www.colorado.edu/Anthropology/faculty/goldstein/
Bair, Jennifer
Title/Department: Assistant Professor, Sociology
Geographic Research Area: Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
Research/Teaching Focus: Political Economy of Development, Global and Comparative Sociology, Economic Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Sex and Gender, Latin America and the Caribbean, Labor and Labor Movements, Organizations.
Bayard de Volo, Lorraine
Title/Department: Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies
Geographic Research Area: Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico (Chiapas)
Research/Teaching Focus: Gender and war in Latin America; gender and revolution; gender and social movements; women and politics in Latin America
Website: http://wgst.colorado.edu/faculty/bayard-de-volo
Brown, David
Title/Department: Associate Professor, Political Science
Geographic Research Area: Brazil
Research/Teaching Focus: Democracy and its impact on economic development; politics and NGOS in the Brazilian Amazon
Website: http://spot.colorado.edu/~dsbrown/
Buffington, Robert
Title/Department: Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies
Geographic Research Area: Mexico
Research/Teaching Focus: Research: Mexican Masculinities; Gender, Sexuality, and Migration; Global History of Sexuality; Crime and Criminality in Mexico and Latin America. Teaching: Global Gender Studies, Sex Work and Sex Trafficking, Mexican History (Modern Period), Latin American History (Modern Period)
Ferry, Robert
Title/Department: Associate Professor, History
Geographic Research Area: Mexico; Venezuela; Spanish Caribbean; Spain
Research/Teaching Focus: Research: Colonial Latin America, Colonial Mexico, Spanish Inquisition. Teaching: Mexican History (Colonial Period), Latin American History (Colonial Period)
Gomez, Leila
Title/Department: Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Geographic Research Area: Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Central America
Research/Teaching Focus: Latin American Literature and Culture in XIX and XX century, Travel Writing.
Website: http://spanish.colorado.edu/
Romero, Brenda
Title/Department: Associate Professor, College of Music
Geographic Research Area: SW United States, Mexico, Colombia
Research/Teaching Focus: Latin American and American Indian musics, with focus on New Mexico, Mexico, and Colombia
Website: http://spot.colorado.edu/~romerob/

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