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Graduate Students

Graduate students are listed by department. To update or add your information, or to be added to or removed from the graduate student mailing list, please email the LASC email.

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Baillie, Hal Department: Anthropology (Archaeology), MA (Alumnus)                 Research Interests: RV09 Pilot project exploring the construction sequence and development of the Rio Viejo Acropolis in conjuncture with the rise and dispersal of the Rio Viejo Polity in the lower Rio Verde Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico Region of Interest: Mexico and Belize   Bender, Richard Department: Anthropology (Biological), PhD Research Interests: I am …

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Art History

Butts, Morgan Department: Art History, MA Research Interests: Primarily interested in issues of representation of Pre-Columbian arts from the Andean region and cross-cultural exchange of iconography prior to colonization. Region of Interest: Andes  

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Kristina Ruiz-Mesa Department: Communication, PhD program Research Interests: Access and success in Higher Education, DREAM Act, Rhetoric of immigration, social justice and communication Regions of interest: US, Mexico, Cuba

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Comparative Literature

Dill, Dustin Department: Comparative Literature Research Interests: Mexico, U.S., Literature, Theory Region of Interest: Mexico   Judy, Lauren Department: Comparative Literature, MA Research Interests: National Identity in Latin American/Andean Literature Region of Interest: Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile  

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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jadin, Robert Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D. Research Interests: My research is on snake systematics and morphological evolution in the New World tropics. Region of Interest: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru   Orlofske, Sarah Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D. Research Interests: Tropical Amphibian Conservation and Ecotourism; Systematics and Phylogenetics Region of Interest: …

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  Bucciferro, Justin Department: Economics, PhD Research Interests: Economic History of Latin America Region of Interest: Brazil   Castro, Luis Department: Economics, PhD Research Interests: The effect of IPR on FDI in Chile. Basically trying to see the effect of stronger intellectual Property Rights on Foreign Direct Investment in Chile. Region of Interest: Chile   …

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DiGiacomo, Daniela Department: Education, PhD Research Interests: Mexican and Central American immigration and education Region of Interest: Mexico and Central America

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Belmont, Suzanne Department: Civil Engineering Research Interests: Engineering in developing communities, civil systems, education access for those living in poverty Region of Interest: Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia   Chatterley, Christie Department: Civil Engineering, Ph.D. Research Interests: Monitoring and evaluation, water and sanitation, handwashing Region of Interest: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador   Mahoney, Ryan …

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Environmental Studies

Chan, Joanna Department: Environmental Studies, Ph.D. Research Interests: Four factors driving local ownership of community-based sustainable development projects Region of Interest: Nicaragua Lokey, Elizabeth Department: Environmental Studies, Ph.D. Research Interests: I qualify projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to various voluntary standards and is managing a project on carbon capture and sequestration funded by the …

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Correia, Joel Department: Geography, PhD Research Interests: My research currently investigates three Inter-American Court on Human Rights cases in favor of indigenous territorial claims in the Paraguayan Chaco. I am interested in indigenous rights, cultural politics, political ecology, development studies, and the law. Region of Interest: Southern Cone   Counter, Max Department: Geography, MA Research Interests: My …

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Cullison, Jennifer Department: History, PhD Research Interests:Working title for dissertation: “Resisting Criminalization, Commodification, and Privatization: Undocumented Migrant Responses to Expanding U.S. I.N.S. Border Patrol and Detention, 1952-1996.” With this immigration policy history that privileges Mexican and Central American migrant perspectives, I am exploring multinational questions of power and space in the history of U.S. I.N.S. …

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Journalism and Mass Communication

McWilliams Mierzejewski, Heather Department: Journalism and Mass Communication, MA Research Interests: Interested in stories from Latin America with a CU connection Region of Interest: All   Red, Magdelana Department: Journalism and Mass Communication, Ph.D. Research Interests: “Re-Interpreting Mexican Rock Music: The ‘Local’ form of a Global Movement” — a theoretical reappraisal of the role of …

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Sandoval, Richard Department: Linguistics, Ph.D. Research Interests: I am researching issues at the intersection of language, globalization, and identity in the northern New Mexico/southern Colorado Hispano enclave of the US. Region of Interest: US/Mexico Border  

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Pratarelli, Nick Department: Mathematics, MA Research Interests: Region of Interest: Argentina  

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Political Science

Cupery, David Department: Political Science, PhD Research Interests: I am generally interested in development, political economy and regional integration with Latin American.  Currently I am working on a paper on anti-Americanism in Latin America Region of Interest: Andean South America   Foxworth, Raymond Department: Political Science, PhD Research Interests: Most of my current projects have …

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Cronin, Kathryn Department: Sociology, Ph.D. Research Interests: Women and development Region of Interest: Latin America   Nawrotzki, Raphael Department: Sociology and Institute of Behavioral Science, Ph.D.   LePree, Josh Department: Sociology, Ph.D. Research Interests: Mexican migration to the U.S., masculinity, racialization, immigration policy, qualitative methods Region of Interest: Mexico and Central America   Peterson, Rachel Department: Sociology, Ph.D. …

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Spanish and Portuguese

Iwasaki, María Fernanda Department: Spanish and Portuguese, PhD Research Interests: Dramatic literature, performance, poetry, contemporary Latin American narrative, literature and the arts. Region of Interest: Perú, Argentina, Chile   Keogh, Ximena Department: Spanish and Portuguese, PhD Research Interests: My research focuses on liminal subjecthoods and queer identities in Latin American and U.S American literary and filmic productions. My areas …

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